Meet mADE TV, mADE TV is like a mini version of Disneyland in terms of creativity, laughter and our extensive usage of imagination.

But don’t be fooled. Underneath these layers lies something truly extraordinary…

A team of experts that can easily call each other family, each of which has rightfully earned their stripes and stars in this competitive business. mADE TV is not your next door neighbour, nor your high school sweetheart and not even your first boss on the job. We are those quiet kids that always sat in the back of the class, drawing and scribbling words down in a battered up sketch book. We are the kids who looked a bit funny, never popular in school and who weren’t set for success, in our eyes.

We are the calm before the storm, the underdog. Stories inspire us and make us grow. mADE TV is not a trend watcher, we do not produce or promote stories because they are currently trending. Our emphasis is on the feeling that the audience takes home with them after watching the story. mADE TV is all about triggering people’s senses and taking them for a ride on our rollercoaster.